Saturday, 2 April 2011

My New Hair!

sooo i recently dyed my hair from being a yellowy whitish bleached high-lighted blonde (phew)... to a darkish chocolately brown.. unfortunetly, i had to use two hair dyes as the first one i used made it a mousy blonde/light dirty brown and also had a tinge of green and grey in it! so i didnt really want/like it, so the next day i bought a different more darker brown, which turned my hair how i wanted it :)

the first dye i used was the L'oreal recital preference in 6.13 Jersy Light Beige Brown. this was supposed to go like a light-medium brown, but it made it green/grey/dark blonde/dirty brown.. which i hated!
so after school on friday (as i dyed it thursday night), i rushed to boots to get a new dye, and the one i picked out looked so nice and glossy!
its probably not very good for my hair to use two hairdyes within about 40 hours, but hey ho :)

so, the second dye i used, was the Live XXL Unlimited Gloss in the colour 880 tempting chocolate as you can tell by the name is a chocolate brown!
and i loveeee it :)
it was a little bit darker than what i expected but im very pleased with the results:) x

here are some pictures - excuse the strange faces :)

thankyou very much for reading :) lool xxx

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