Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Dollybow Alice Fabric Review

hey everyone :)
about 2 weeks ago i received my dollybow in the alice fabric from katie over at http://www.dollybowbow.co.uk/ - her website is amazing... she handmakes all of her own jewellery, hair accessories and much more :)
the dollybow is a simple, vintage, shabby chic hair accessory which katie handmade! there is wire inside and it is so easy when you put it on. I dont think anyone realises how simple and quick it is to wear, until they get their hands on one themselves!! its just a gorgeous hair accessory which goes well with any outfit, and Katie also supplies many different coloured and patterned fabrics!

its so pretty with your hair up or down!!
it retails from £6.99 from http://www.dollybowbow.co.uk/ so CHECK it out now :)
also, the good thing is that katie offers free postage to the UK. :) xx

thankyou xx bye :-)

No7 Total Colour Compact Review

This is the No7 Total Colour Compact.
I received it for Christmas and it was part of a gift set with the Intense Volume Mascara and the Liplicious Lipgloss in Marshmallow. This compact palette consists of various eye shadows, lipglosses, blushers, pressed powders etc with 2x double ended lip brushes, 1x blusher brush, and 2x double ended eye applicators.

eyeshadows and lip brushes


and as i said - when you open up the flap, there are some blushes and pressed powders etc. & blush brush and eyeshadow brushes.

i think that this compact palette is a really good thing to have in your collection! it has a huge variety of different makeup which you can mix around and create brand new looks with! especially with the eyeshadows because there is 1 side with nude & natural colours, then there's also a side with lilac & blue colours. :)
this compact palette also has a mirror on the inside of the cover :) x

the gift set was £9.00 from boots.
and right its half price (normal price - £18.00) !!
here is a picture of the gift set from the boots website...

thanks guys :) x